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SLX 80

SLX 80 is a polymer modified premium grade cationic bitumen emulsion.

By using selected emulsifying and adhesion agents with suitable emulsion grade penetration bitumen SLX 80 has been specifically designed for use as a hot applied surface dressing binder emulsion.

Conventional non-modified surface dressing binders may lack the cohesive strength necessary to retain chippings under the extra shear stress imposed on road surfaces by vehicles braking or turning sharply. The addition of polymer gives improved properties and enhanced performance.

The level of polymer modification has been chosen to ensure SLX 80 meets the Vialit pendulum cohesion peak requirement to be classified as a premium grade surface dressing emulsion.

SLX 80 has a slight thixotropic nature. This is a benefit for application, but care is needed for viscosity measurements.


SLX 80 is loaded into tankers at or near the spraying temperature. Care should be taken during subsequent heating to ensue that the binder is circulated and does not exceed 90°C. Above this temperature there is a danger of severe frothing which may result in spillage and possible non compliance with the specification.


SLX 80 should be applied at the correct rate of spread to the road surface through a bulk binder distributor which has been tested for compliance to BS 1707 (Hot Binder Distributors for Surface Dressing).

The surface dressing works should be in accordance with the recommendations contained in the latest version of Road Note 39.

Property Reference SLX 80
Particle Charge BS 434 Appendix C Positive
Binder Content (% m/m) BS 434 Appendix F 67 (min)
Viscosity Redwood II at 85°C (s) BS 434 Appendix G2 20-40

Highway Agency Specification - Clause 922 Data

Test Base Binder Recovered Binder
Penetration at 25°C (dmm) 174 TBA
Penetration at 5°C (dmm) TBA TBA
Vialit cohesion peak (J/cm²) Above 1.2 TBA


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