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Isle of Man - Turkeyland

Situated at Turkeyland Quarry, adjacent to the main runway at Ronaldsway Airport, C.Kniveton Ltd is the largest producer of concrete bricks and blocks on the island.

Product Specifications:

The Company manufactures products that are compliant with the requirements of BS EN 771-3 under a British Standards Institute Kitemark Licence (certificate reference KM41121). Our in house sampling and testing occurs at a frequency 0.02% of the daily manufacture for a given product and test records are available for inspection ,by request.

Thermal Conductivity @ 3% moisture content on bulk dry density (1800kg)=0.87W/(mk).

Product Range:   

Solid blocks: Height 215mm, Length 440mm and available in the following standard widths 100mm and 140mm, with average densities of 1800 and 2020kG/m3 respectively.

Cellular blocks: Height 215mm, Length 440mm, Width 140mm. Average void space 25%. Average density 1407kG/m3.

Bricks: Height 65mm, Length 215mm and Width 100mm. Average density 2100kG/m3. 

Stength and Finish:

The minimum crushing strength supplied is 7N/mm2 . However, we are able to supply 10,14 and 21 N/mm2 to order.

All products are supplied as a common finish. The Company can also manufacture (to order) its products with a fair face finish, suitable for painting without rendering.

Constituent Materials:

Carboniferous limestone aggregates and sand compliant with the requirements of BS EN 12620 and cement compliant with the requirements of BS EN 197-1 2000. Water is drawn from the public supply.